Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why It Is That I Write

Let's ignore the fact that the title is probably grammatically incorrect. It's a blog day, and it's almost midnight, and I feel like writing this blog for YA Highway.

Well, when did I start writing is a better question than why...

I remember being in the first grade. Our teacher took these tinted pieces of lined paper, the kind where there are three lines, with the middle line dotted so we could practice our writing. She took the paper, folded them in half, and stapled them, and then had us write stories. If they were really good, they were "published" in hardcovers made with wallpaper.

I remember writing "what life will be like in 2000" (a cheesy version of Back to the Future part II), "when I was little" and "How the Easter Bunny Got His Job." (I really liked that one.) I also wrote a somewhat disturbing story about mind control at such a young age.

I enjoyed these activities, and I enjoyed it because all I knew was that I liked to be creative.

Now we fast forward to third grade where we paired a huge art project with a story, which I wrote as a complete rip off of a Baby Sitters Club Book. But I didn't care because I liked telling the story.

Fifth grade I think is when I truly realized the "why." Why? Because I had all these stories floating around in my head, and by that point I knew that if I didn't write them down, my head would explode, which isn't nearly as cool as if it were to implode. (The only story I can remember at that age was about human sibling falling in love with alien siblings.)

Oh the stories that I remember writing because I needed to tell a story! A wicked stepmother and her two daughters.... (this was a record for me at 17 pages, double sided and illustrated!) One about a girl having an outer body experience, one about a girl being framed for murder by her brother, one about a vindictive teen utterly jealous of her twin sister... (Are you noticing a trend here? I like the suspense.) A girl who was given a "second life" after accidentally being killed. (A rip off of a movie I saw on tv.)

Let me just stop to say that I'm sorry about the way this post is going. As I stated above, it's almost midnight, and I'm tired.

Now it's weird to think about. A few of my stories were clearly rip offs which I tried to make my own. But a lot of them were very original and gained length every time. I loved sitting there at the computer, writing the story, and then that new idea came forward and I ended up missing my bed time trying to finish the story.

Several years later, a novel under my belt and a tighter understanding of story telling, and I'm still amazed by my love of writing. It's not to feel special, it's not to complete an assignment given by a teacher, and it's not to gain fame. It's to keep me from going insane from all these imaginary worlds swirling around inside my head!

Possibly cliche, but that's my story... no pun intended.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay, so this post is probably long overdue, and will probably make me look like a total newbie to the internet in general.

So I'm an eighteen-year-old who can barely work the internet. How does that work out? Especially when my mother has a facebook, and I don't.

So here I am, on a blog, because I hear it's good to have one when you want to try to get published. It gets your name out there, or it gets you out there, or whatever. But here's the thing... I'm not out there! I have one follower, who's a good friend of mine in real life.

I'm guessing the most common response would be "write compelling posts." Well, isn't "compelling" a subjective term? Let's take into account that everything I think of has already been blogged about at one time or another. Which really only leaves me with book reviews and what I have to say about them. That doesn't interest anybody.

I just think that it's a little pitiful that I'm taking up space on the internet like this. I want someone to read what I have to say and not think that I'm a freak.

Well, at this point, I think this post went in the wrong direction, so I'll just end it now before it crashes and burns.

Off to go write the next Great American Novel.... haha! That's funny. (sarcasm)

The Kindle vs. Paperback Publishing

So, blog after blog I read about how the paperback publishing industry is being forced into extinction as digital readers, such as the Kindle, are taking over. As time went by, my Luddite nature forced me into a hatred of such things. The Kindle went right up there with iPods (any apple product really) and touch screen cell phones. (I could get into a whole spiel about how much I despise so much technology right now and how I think it's destroying our world... think 1984, but that's not what this post is about.) (And... don't get me wrong, some technology is great. I'm on a computer, aren't I?)

Anyway, I digress. What this post is really about is what the Kindle is like compared to books. I'm sure this post is long overdue, but I don't have any watchers... well, one, but she's a personal friend of mine. I'm not going to try to describe the Kindle, I'm just going to try to put in my thoughts.

I received my Kindle as a gift. So obviously I had to use it. I was wary about it. After all, I am so against anything that destroys the paperback book. Here's why. Paperback books don't have to be charged. You can bend back the cover, or look at two pages at once. You flip through pages with ease, knowing that something you wanted to see was towards a certain section of the book. You can draw pictures in the margins. You can hold a specific book in your hands and have a visible bookshelf. You can feel and smell the paper.

Okay, so some of those items were possibly a little strange. I am a little strange.

On the Kindle, books are generally cheaper because you don't pay for shipping, and some of them are cheaper than paper books. On the Kindle, the screen doesn't look like a computer screen, and you can adjust the text size. You're pages are automatically bookmarked, and you can search with the search bar. Possibly my most favorite feature is the free book sample. That has saved me from purchasing many books I thought I would like, but totally would have hated.

So for me at least, the verdict is out. Maybe this post was pointless. While I love the Kindle, I still love paper books. I don't think one can replace the other in my opinion.