Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay, so this post is probably long overdue, and will probably make me look like a total newbie to the internet in general.

So I'm an eighteen-year-old who can barely work the internet. How does that work out? Especially when my mother has a facebook, and I don't.

So here I am, on a blog, because I hear it's good to have one when you want to try to get published. It gets your name out there, or it gets you out there, or whatever. But here's the thing... I'm not out there! I have one follower, who's a good friend of mine in real life.

I'm guessing the most common response would be "write compelling posts." Well, isn't "compelling" a subjective term? Let's take into account that everything I think of has already been blogged about at one time or another. Which really only leaves me with book reviews and what I have to say about them. That doesn't interest anybody.

I just think that it's a little pitiful that I'm taking up space on the internet like this. I want someone to read what I have to say and not think that I'm a freak.

Well, at this point, I think this post went in the wrong direction, so I'll just end it now before it crashes and burns.

Off to go write the next Great American Novel.... haha! That's funny. (sarcasm)

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