Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Kindle vs. Paperback Publishing

So, blog after blog I read about how the paperback publishing industry is being forced into extinction as digital readers, such as the Kindle, are taking over. As time went by, my Luddite nature forced me into a hatred of such things. The Kindle went right up there with iPods (any apple product really) and touch screen cell phones. (I could get into a whole spiel about how much I despise so much technology right now and how I think it's destroying our world... think 1984, but that's not what this post is about.) (And... don't get me wrong, some technology is great. I'm on a computer, aren't I?)

Anyway, I digress. What this post is really about is what the Kindle is like compared to books. I'm sure this post is long overdue, but I don't have any watchers... well, one, but she's a personal friend of mine. I'm not going to try to describe the Kindle, I'm just going to try to put in my thoughts.

I received my Kindle as a gift. So obviously I had to use it. I was wary about it. After all, I am so against anything that destroys the paperback book. Here's why. Paperback books don't have to be charged. You can bend back the cover, or look at two pages at once. You flip through pages with ease, knowing that something you wanted to see was towards a certain section of the book. You can draw pictures in the margins. You can hold a specific book in your hands and have a visible bookshelf. You can feel and smell the paper.

Okay, so some of those items were possibly a little strange. I am a little strange.

On the Kindle, books are generally cheaper because you don't pay for shipping, and some of them are cheaper than paper books. On the Kindle, the screen doesn't look like a computer screen, and you can adjust the text size. You're pages are automatically bookmarked, and you can search with the search bar. Possibly my most favorite feature is the free book sample. That has saved me from purchasing many books I thought I would like, but totally would have hated.

So for me at least, the verdict is out. Maybe this post was pointless. While I love the Kindle, I still love paper books. I don't think one can replace the other in my opinion.

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