Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Demons of the Summer

I think it's time for a fun post... but it may just be because my brain is melting in this heat. For whatever reason, I'm finding it easier to type a pointless blog post than I'm finding it to write the second chapter to a book I'm working on... one that I'm really excited about, but can't seem to get two more words written down about it.

Anyway, anyone else feeling the heat wave? At least up here in the northeast. Phew! What's this, our hundredth heat wave of the season? And then the added bonus of humidity! Yeah... Sure, we've got the air conditioner on, but my room sits in the weirdest place in the house, meaning it's got the worst insulation and the worst air circulation from the AC. Result? It's the warmest room in the house. The thermometer on my ceiling fan says 84 degrees when I go to bed at night. (One night it actually said 87.)

So I tell myself, "It's summer break, dude! Get over it. Lounge around, sit downstairs where it's cooler, ignore that computer, and write in your notebook! You've got a million of 'em!" Then I respond to myself "I would, but the heat is seeping in. The lazy days of summer are devouring me."

Thus the "demons" of summer have attacked. By now, my readers, I'm sure you know how much I love the show Supernatural. I'm just thinking about these demons -- the summer demons -- possessing someone, seeping of evil, forcing their eyes to turn all black, and causing mayhem and misery everywhere they goes. Ha! Maybe it is a demon. Makes me think of the horsemen they fit into the latest season. *cue the dramatic movie trailer voice* "First there was War, then Famine, and Pestilence and Death... and you thought it was over. But you were wrong. Coming this summer, to a theater near you, it's the Demons of Summer!" And then the black clouds of demon smoke descend upon unsuspecting writers who are trying to use this free time to write, but are instead forced into a state of melancholy.

Now that that fun paragraph is over, I'm serious. I'm spending all day lounging with a notebook in my lap and a pen in my hand. Every ten minutes I'm pulling my hair into a ponytail or pulling it back out because of the change in room temperature, and I'm being attacked by great ideas that I can't seem to organize or write down.

I'm starting to notice a trend. Last June, I tried to write a book. I failed. I tried again in August, and it just didn't even start. Then the cool weather seeped in, November started, and I completed a novel in a month! Now it's a year past that first attempt, it's July, I've written roughing 2000 words... barely a chapter, and it's been 12 days since then. What is it about the summer? Is it just me? Or does it affect anyone else the same way?

On a side note, you know the heat is really getting to you when you start raging at the internet... more specifically, the Target website because they don't have the laptop listed that you want when you were hoping to find it at a cheaper price. The poor internet... it's not his fault. Hmm... maybe if I went to bed before 1am for a start...


  1. I hear you-- and my laptop is burning hot in the summer. In winter it helps warm me, but right now I have to place it on a book or my legs swelter.

  2. Fall is when I start feeling creative too, usually.

  3. I don't remember what a heatwave feels like. I'm wearing a scarf. Right now. Feel free to send me some of your weather. :)

  4. The heat definitely makes it harder to function. It just feels like you're...melting.

  5. Ha! Try being in Atlanta this time of year! My mom popped up the AC so high, its like winter in here. Which you would think would be fun, factoring in the 94 degrees outside. NOT.

    Anyway, I loved your post, it felt like you were right there talking to me. Great feeling. :)