Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Happens When You Ask Me About "My Space" (and I don't mean that horrible website)

YA Highway: Road Trip Wednesday... (it's still Wednesday... cut me some slack, I had to work!)
--What would your ideal writing desk look like? Right down to the perfect pen or laptop.

(If you want to skip this dreadful intro, skip to the *)
When I think about the perfect writing desk... well, let me think about the perfect
writing space, because the desk doesn't mean squat if the surroundings are too intruding and what not. I think about the perfect writing space and a thousand and two images come to mind, and unfortunately, none of them mesh. I think about all the perfect things, but they don't add up to anything but bad.
So I'll start with what I do have... nothing but distractions.

I have an alpha-smart. When I bought it I had this idealized vision of me sitting in the coffee shot at the grocery store, typing away at my latest novel. I saw myself on the swing in front of my house. I saw myself sitting in the living room, watching my niece, but still managing to type, despite my computer being upstairs.
To that paragraph, I laugh -- heartily. What a terrible investment! (For me. I distract easily. If anyone wants to buy it from me, I'll gladly sell it for a cheaper price than the alpha-smart website. Seriously!) A laptop would have suited me better, or at least a netbook. (But after an book shopping spree, I'm strapped for cash.)

So now I'll move on to my bedroom. My beloved writing space. My so-called "perfect" writing space, despite how horrible it actually is. Cue another hearty laugh.

In one corner of my room is a keyboard. The ol' 88 keys... well, 61. In another corner is my bookshelf. But wait, isn't reading a writer's friend? It is, but when the second shelf is full of movies, then that becomes a problem. (Especially when that shelf includes all the Back to the Future movies, and season 1 -- and hopefully soon season 2 once I get the money -- of Supernatural.)
Not quite in the corner, but off to the side, is my bed. Oh so horrible, but oh so comfortable. And across from that, the dreaded tv. Thankfully, it's behind me when I'm at my desk, but I can easily turn my swivel chair.

*All of this thought about my current space has made me think about the perfect writing space. A few paragraphs later, I can describe what the prompt asked for.
--A stark white room: but how do I go on to describe this white? Bright, I suppose. But not so bright that night time looses it's darkness and shadows. Because there will also be...--A large window: with an acceptable view. One that stays the same, but also changes... like a road.
--And I need it to be bright, and white, with no curtain on the window, so that I have that big black hole at night to stare through for inspiration.
--The desk I have no preferences, other than space for me to put my feet up so that I can lean back in my "spinny" chair and type comfortably.--and my computer needs to have some sort of block on it so that I can't access anything of or relating to ...
Supernatural, Amazon, Etsy, deviantArt, email, random google searches not relating to the novel, 1967 chevy impalas... and that sort of stuff, because that slows me down. I'd say get rid of the internet all together, but... that's just wrong.
...and finally...--an abundance of post it notes, which I think would also make a great book title, as well as ... oh cricket! I had an awesome book title earlier, and I mean awesome! and now I can't remember it. Anyway, post it notes are my best friend when I write. And they must be colorful, because they will be posted everywhere! On the desk, on the computer, on the chair, on the floor, on the walls... everywhere but the curtainless window.

Oh yeah, and the floors must be hard-wood and there needs to be a rug. And a window seat in front of the window that I can lay on.
Such a random post. Random in that I didn't restrain myself when I wrote. Could you tell? What about the pictures... like 'em?

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  1. LOVE the post it note montage.