Thursday, July 22, 2010

When Nostalgia Hits the Graduate

So, I've just gotten to thinking about how I've finally graduated from high school. I'm thrilled to be out of that "hell hole" known as "public education," but sometimes I still miss it.

Ha! I know. I've been out of school for two months. I've been mentally checked out of that place for seven. But what I'm talking about is the small things that I'm going to miss. Now I could go on and on about how I'm going to miss marching band (is it crazy that I miss having that uniform hanging in my closet?) or those lunches with my friends (because I had two this year), or the few teachers and classes that were awesome (German!), but I won't. That's as far as I'll go with that. Instead I must muse upon what school did to me in the creative sense, and everything I'll surprising miss about that -- and then wonder how I'll replace these things...

  • The bus -- If you could ride that bus you'd wonder why I didn't just suck it up and walk ten miles home. I had to rush to it to make sure I actually got a seat, and then I'd jam my headphones in my ear so I didn't have to hear the inappropriate comments. But you know what made this something I'll miss? That forty minute ride home (what's wrong with that... forty minutes for 10 miles?) was where so many great ideas/daydreams came to mind that I had infinite stuff to write when I got home.

    Then we'll consider the band bus. The ride home was the same. I couldn't look out the window in this case, so I'd sleep, but same idea. And the way to our performances, I wrote. An excellent time to write if I do say so myself.

  • Lunches -- I had two, because I was a senior. And so I spent an hour and a half writing, while also obsessing about my characters to my friends. Yes, I was frequently called crazy. In fact, one good friend of mine constantly told me I needed to find help. But if it wasn't for them all listening, and their occasional good ideas, I'd be lost, drowning in a sea of insanity.

  • A handful of classes -- Granted, this year was an easy one for me, but I still wrote like crazy during class when I should have been paying attention. (And somehow I still got perfect grades.) But this year was great. I sat in the front row in my Psychology class, and half the time, I was writing part of my novel. In Science, I sat in the back, and we watched so many movies, I just wrote part of my novel. I remember one class, I checked out completely and stared out the window. It was snowing. I wrote a piece of flash fiction in my head that I translated on to paper later, but it was awesome. Meanwhile, I have no idea what we learned, other than the fact that it was something to do with world history.

  • Possibly the biggest thing I'll miss -- the setting -- which is an all important thing when writing YA. I can only hope I've retained enough memories to keep my settings realistic. My freshman friends will only remain in school for so long, and the authorities frown on adults stalking children.
So, that's that. I don't know what else to say. School was a blast, but I don't think I'll miss it that much. Just those little things. And now I have to find new ways to fill those gaps. Let alone the fact that there just aren't any recreational marching bands like my alma mater, but we don't have a public bus system for me to stare out the window of (and I can't zone out while driving -- that's dangerous). And blocking out lectures and lessons is easier than blocking out nothing (go figure that one out.) So who knows. Maybe I'll just have to take a risky drive to the grocery store (by not thinking) and sit in the cafe, and hope a lot of people crowd around me. (Which might not happen if I decide to wear a 'crazy writer' outfit. ... that would be fun.)

I'll stop rambling now.
And in case you haven't noticed by now... I don't plan out my blog posts. I just write them.

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