Monday, September 13, 2010

Craziness... Here's Why:

Okay, so I might have been going just a little bit crazy for the past few days. Here's why:
  • the new season of Supernatural starts in 11 days.
  • My Chemical Romance (my favorite band ever... sorry if that offends you) is stirring up some serious shiz on the internet. A new album is on the horizon, and they're telling us nothing but cryptic messages. Fun. (Only half-sarcasm.)
  • I've discovered Kaizers Orchestra, and they are now my second favorite band. (Because who doesn't love the Norwegians?)
  • and Lois Duncan's new books are finally being released!
Holy shiz! I've been waiting for this for months! I randomly checked her website one day and she said she was rewriting and re-releasing several of her more popular YA suspense books. If you've been following my blog long enough, you'll already know how much I love her books and style of writing. (Some people don't like her. That's okay. To each his own, but I love her.)

So the first chunk of new editions is being released right now. The first two: Killing Mr. Griffin and I Know What You Did Last Summer (the book was better than the movie, and the two are very different.) I have already ordered from amazon. The third won't be released until October. I just think this is so cool. Here's why:

A lot of Lois Duncan's books were written a very long time ago. Like, generations ago. For example, Killing Mr. Griffin was first published in 1978. I Know What You Did Last Summer was published in 1973. One of my favorites, Ransom, was first published in... 1966! Okay, now you might be rolling your eyes. After all... A Clockwork Orange cane out in '62. The Great Gatsby was published in '22. But Gatsby was deliberately set in the 20's, was it not? And even Clockwork was set to be kind of a futuristic novel. Lois Duncan's novels here... they're "modern." They're supposed to "reflect the current age" if you will. And if you read them now, they clearly do not.

These kids do not have cell phones. They do not have caller ID. They do not have the internet. They lack information at their fingertips, and digital cameras, and they call their parents "mother" and "father." (Quite formal to our ears.)

And now Lois Duncan is rewriting them to fit the millennium. I think this is awesome, if not for a love of the author, but to see how she adapts them. I want to compare them and see what is gained and what is lost by modifying the stories. Honestly, I'm usually one to say "the original was way better than the remake!" or "you can't change it from what it's supposed to be!" But this is exciting. And of course, I couldn't resist that ever-growing urge to add to my bookshelf. (Have I mentioned that in the past three days, I've bought 8 books? And one of them was on impulse. ...Is there a book addiction support group anywhere? The ABBA? Addicted to Buying Books Anonymous...)

Now I don't think that I can end this post without a quick once-or-twice-over of that top list. And it will include pictures and graphics. Please forgive me. I need to spaz every now and then, and midnight seems like the perfect time. (And for the sake of the title...) Here's why:

Sam is mysteriously out of Hell, and Dean has been living the past year, not as a hunter, but as a husband and a dad. He's tucked his shirt in! (*gasp*) and worse of all, he keeps the Impala under a tarp!
Drive on Metallicar! drive on...

Kaizers Orchestra own a part of me now. Maybe it's just my fascination with other languages. Or maybe it's my fascination with fun, bouncy songs that have lyrics that don't fit the mood.

And as for MCR and their crazy shenanigans? All I have to say is... forget team Edward or team Jacob. I am team Dr. Death Defying.

...and because leather jackets are cool.

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