Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The End of October

This might be considered cheating because I haven't finished reading the book yet. Then again, October isn't over yet either. Regardless, Road Trip Wednesday wants to know what was the best book I read in October.

It would have to be Witch, by Christopher Pike.

I haven't read much of Christopher Pike. I read one book when I was in 10th grade, but I actually can't remember what happened at all, but I do know that I enjoyed the book while I was reading it. Since then, I've acquired a few more of his books, and I'm starting to put a dent in that pile.

Witch so far is pretty good. It's about a girl named Julia Florence. She is a witch. She can heal people with her touch, and she can see things happening elsewhere when she looks into still water with the sun shining on it. However, she accidentally looks at the water with the moon shining on it, and she has a vision of the future. Someone she has never met is going to die. Later that night, she meets him.

Julia works hard to protect him, and as a result, one of her very best friends is shot instead. This fills Julia with rage and a desire for revenge.

The writing is descriptive, not overdone. There are multiple viewpoints, but they're broken up by chapter, so you know who is the character of focus at all times. There's twists and turns that are a tad unpredictable. It's a very good read, and I can't wait to finish it before October ends.


  1. hmm, sounds very fitting for October!
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Is this a new Christopher Pike book or an old one? I didn't realize he was still writing.

  3. Witch was one of my all time FAVORITE pike books. I read them NON STOP in middle school.

  4. I remember Christopher Pike from back in the day. :) I'm a sucker for multiple viewpoints, so this sounds really good to me.

  5. Alicia, this one was written in the early nineties. But I do believe he's still writing.

  6. Becca- I must've missed that one, but I totally remember Chain Letter series.