Friday, October 1, 2010

A Writer's Therapy

Do you ever get to the point where everything you do just seems pointless? In the sense that whatever you write sounds horrible? And everything you create just seems to suck! Yes? At least for me anyway. Lately. Pretty much all summer. It got to the point where music was boring, and reading was boring. That's a sign that things are going downhill.

Then a few days ago, everything changed.

I sat down and picked up a book I left under my bed for almost a month and finished it in three days. Then I sat down with a pen and paper and started writing something that I'm really proud of. (Well, in style, not in topic. More on that later.)

So how did this happen? How did I suddenly go from bored out of my skull, and utterly depressed about my writing to metaphorically jumping with joy?

What I will call Writer's Therapy. This would be something that has come totally unexpected. Something that is totally different and catches you off guard, and gets you excited again. What was this for me though?

This is where I will tell you to cover your face and sigh. Yes, My Chemical Romance pulled me out of my slump. Honestly, they had good reason too. These guys have a reputation for being dark and dreary. Then a few weeks ago, they unveiled their new music and a trailer for the new album, and it's full of brightness and color. It's also loaded with a concept that a literary agent would probably consider "high concept" if it were a novel. (We're talking, future world where music, art, and expression are controlled by the government.)

Suddenly I was hit with a wave of creativity. I started writing again. Granted, it was more or less fan-fiction, but it put me back in a place I thought I would never return. I'm writing the way I wrote months ago, but haven't written like for months. It gives me hope.

Sometimes you need that epic change that pulls you out of a slump. My Writer's Therapy people. What's yours?

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