Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rabid Fangirl of the Wrong Kind

I am not the fangirl who camped out to see the latest Harry Potter movie at midnight. Or the one who reread the book in a night the night before going to see the movie. (Truthfully, I haven't seen it, and I haven't gotten past reading Order of the Phoenix.)

No, I'm fangirling about MCR's latest album. I took a moment to step back and examine their video, and the whole approach to the new album. If you'd like to read some of it, you can here:

This is my artistic analysis

and this will probably make no sense to you.

hey! At least I got some sort of writing done!
Also, keep in mind, my tumblr is my "character" in this album's universe.


  1. Ohhh....I love MCR! They are coming to Cleveland and playing in a small venue...I'm so excited!

  2. That's awesome Rachele! I'm going to see them in Philadelphia.