Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Quick Break for a little Holiday Cheer

This song means a lot to me.

At my Alma mater (of high school) the winter band concert always closes with this song. The Wind Ensemble (the “better” of the two bands, the one you have to audition into with more than just basic instrumental skills) plays this song, and invites the alumni to join them and play on stage. Meanwhile, the Concert Band fills the auditorium aisles and sings each song with the audience.

It’s a long standing tradition. And although some of the more fun traditions have disappeared with the coming of a “more professional” band director (ie: percussionists bobbing up and down during “Deck the Halls” and the trombones standing up for their feature during “O Come All Ye Faithful”) it’s still a song that band kids of either band look forward to each year.

My Freshman and Sophomore years I stood in the aisles and encouraged the audience to sing along. My Junior and Senior years, I was lucky enough to play it. This year I am an alumni. I love this song.

Reminiscing over.

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