Friday, January 28, 2011

Girl, Stolen - book review

Not all books are easy to get through. Some can be very short, easy reads, and yet they are a pain to finish. It's usually different for everybody, but for me, Girl, Stolen was one of those books.

I'm a little frazzled right now because I accidentally threw away the notes I took on this book, and I already returned it to the library. So I'm going to keep this review a little brief.

Girl, Stolen by April Henry is about the tale of Cheyenne. She is sixteen years old, her father is president of Nike, and she has been blind for three years. Then one day while she waits in the car for her stepmother to pick up her medicine to fight her pneumonia, someone hops in the car and drives it away, with Cheyenne in the backseat.

Griffin has inadvertently kidnapped a blind girl. He only meant to steal a car and impress his father and his criminal ways. Now he has to deal with this mistake and make it work, and the more he gets to know Cheyenne, the more he wants to defy his father and help her escape.

So the book is written in alternating points of view. It's a little heart pumping, but it's also pretty predictable. Honestly, the only reason I read the whole thing is because it had a similar story to my WIP. (Thankfully, I think they're different enough.) The story was good, but I think the voice was a little annoying. There was a lot of telling, and info-dumping. There was a long-winded explanation to the reader about VIN's in one chapter, and in the next, Griffin explained the exact same thing to Cheyenne. There was even an explanation about Nike, which I think was unnecessary. It wasn't too horrible, but for good chunks of the book, it felt like the reader wasn't expected to know anything.

Overall, not a horrible book, but not a great one. It didn't take long to get through, so it wasn't a waste of my time to read. You might like it, even if I didn't. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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