Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Read Something Else...

So I took a little break from the average book reading in the past few days to read a small comic series. If you've seen my "reading list" page, you'll see that what I read was the Supernatural comic series. The three books are Origins, Rising Son, and Beginnings End.

Yes, this is referring to the television show of the same name. And yes, these are comics, not books. However, let me start by saying that a comic is not any less of a book just because it's full of pictures. I'm not going to explain myself. I'm just going to direct you to this post from YA Highway.

And if neither comics, nor the series interest you, then neither will this post.

The comics take place before the start of the series, just after the 5 minutes that open the pilot. It follows John Winchester as he digs into the mysterious death of his wife, dragging along his young sons along the way, across America, to the darkest corners of the country. Throughout the mini-series, the sons grow older, the relationship develops, and the characters develop into who they become in the show.

I wouldn't suggest reading these unless you've seen the show, otherwise you probably won't understand a lot of what's happening. However, I think they were well done, and illustrated in such a way that kept to the overall idea of this sort of universe.

These are something I'd recommend. Especially if you've never been into comics but have wanted to give them a try, because if it's a familiar story for you, you can get into it pretty quickly.

I'll get back to regular books soon enough. Writing as well. I just need to find that groove to fit back into now that I'm working a new job with impromptu overtime hours.

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