Friday, March 11, 2011

A Page and a Half at a Time

In case you haven't noticed, I changed the title of my blog. I'm not really sure why I did this, and if it's for the better, but I did it anyway. I hope you guys like it.

If you're wondering where this title came from, it's an odd little story. I was writing on a legal pad, with purple paper. I'm strange in that I see purple lined paper for sale in a store, and I can't stop myself from buying it. And I was writing, writing, writing random words I didn't like, and I got to the end of the page and I realized I had two choices: I could waste a page and go onto the next piece of paper, or awkwardly flip the page and write on the back. Then I realized I had a third option. I folded the page up in half, and wrote on half of the back.

And I just thought, "what if this is how I write my novels? A page and a half at a time..." and that's where the title came from.

I'm still working on a decent description underneath the title. If you have an suggestions, I'll take them. Until I'm satisfied, that's going to change, probably a few times.

Same old blog, different name. Enjoy.


  1. Not that many people would think outside the box and flip that half a page up! I like the new title!

    But what I really want to know is this: What were some of the words you didn't like?

  2. Mostly I was just writing a short story that lost steam early on. I think I have to take a different approach to it.

  3. OH! I thought you meant you were writing a list of words you had a grudge against ... LOL!

  4. Now that would be interesting. Although maybe next time I'm stumped I should try doing that.