Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I Leave This Here?

First off, I have the first page of my WIP posted for critique here, and here.

Which brings to mind concerns of mine...

With such a strong dislike of my current job, I'm trying to invest more energy into writing, revising, editing, etc, and I suddenly feel incredibly overwhelmed. I know I don't have many followers, but perhaps the twenty-something that I do have can help me out?

If I'm going to be honest, I'm going to state that I haven't felt good about writing in a long time. I still love it, but ever since I started trying to "fix" my wip, I've been second guessing every word I write. Am I being to passive? Am I telling too much and not showing enough? Are there too many adjectives and not enough verbs? And no matter how many times I tell myself to ignore that and just write what I want to write, those thoughts always come creeping back in, and I worry that I'm screwing myself up.

I'm not asking for a wave of complements here. I'm asking for honest opinions. I need to know if I'm just being to over-analytical.


I'd like to add, I think it would help if I had a critique partner. And honest to goodness critique partner who has been in the game and knows what to look for and how to point things out. But I have no idea where to start looking. Any ideas?

And, anyone know where I can find an excellent description of showing versus telling? That seems to be a weakness of mine, and I thought I understood it, but I guess I don't.


  1. I came over from Maine Words.

    Seems like you should take a break from your revision. It might be that you are at the top of a big learning curve and will be gliding down the other side in a second. It is always the hardest before the it gets easy - but then writing is always hard. Maybe try to have fun brainstorming a new project for a while in order to get some perspective on the old project. I will see if I can come up with some links for you as far as critique partners.

    Hang in there! Your first pages were very intriguing!

  2. Hey, Becca!

    I thought your first page had SO many good things about it, and I've got to tell you -- the first page is really the hardest!

    For the manuscript that finally prompted an agent to offer representation, I changed the first page countless times! And the whole manuscript itself underwent about 8 revision sweeps -- even changing from first person POV to third person POV.

    In every manuscript I've ever written, there is a point where I become totally frustrated and think the whole thing is crap. (I might even hit that wall more than once.) If you're feeling frustrated with Echo right now, you might just need to do what Tina said above and work on something else for awhile.

    When I was stuck on my sort-of steampunk WIP, I suddenly got an idea for something totally different, wrote 2 chapters in a frenzy, and then suddenly jumped back into the other one with renewed creativity. Crazy as it seems, it does work.

    When school (finally) lets out, I'd be happy to read the rest of Echo and give more feedback. I liked it so far.

  3. Hello!
    It looks like we are in the same boat. I would be interested in teaming up with a critique partner as well. I do book reviews frequently on GoodReads and have been active in a critique group for years (as of now, I feel I've become too close to these people to get unbiased opinions). Let me know if you're still interested in a partner. My WIP could always use more polishing.

  4. Also - showing vs. telling:

    that article helped me a lot.

  5. hey Becca, I really liked your first page and I wouldn't worry about telling and showing and all that too much - especially in your first draft. I've been writing a long time now and I STILL do all the things you mentioned. That's why I have critique partners :)