Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few Italics

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them down. His gaze was so intense she was actually afraid of the one person who couldn't hurt her. He wouldn't hurt her -- he shouldn't hurt her.

"Do you want to know what it's like to have wings?" Suddenly she regretted asking the question. She felt the air shift as he spoke. His grip tightened and it made her wrists burn. Behind him, pages of opens books flapped and curtains fluttered.

A set of wings unfolded from his back almost a feather at a time. They almost looked fake -- opaque, a shadow in the air -- until they stretched all the way out, reaching from one wall to another in the small room.

Beautiful, vibrant -- reds and oranges to match his hair. Unique to him even in a group of the same kind.

"You can't possibly begin to imagine," he said. "And I want you try."

In one fluid movement, his hands went from her wrists to her shoulders. One touched her forehead and her legs buckled.


What is this? you might be asking. Heck if I know. I came up with it on my break at work tonight. (The grocery store work, not the bank work. The work I don't dread going to.) Where it came from I have no idea. I just know that it looked a whole lot longer in cursive on a piece of paper I took from the customer service desk.

However, I think I like it. But just because I like it doesn't mean it's good. So critique the heck out of it, if you would be so kind to do so. I think it's the basis for a new story I want to write. Ironically, it's a story I've been trying to write, but with new inspiration, and even a new character. This nameless character isn't who he used to be. He actually has a name, but it's different. He looks different too. My delusions need to be written down, so, I did just that.


And this is also where I'd like to state my thoughts/concerns about prologues. To me, that's the way I work, but I hear a lot of negative things about how writers shouldn't include them. I never write with the intent of writing a prologue, but I tend to do better with writing something a little in the middle, and then going back. In the grand scheme (prologue, chapter 1) and on a smaller scale, (my wip chapter 1 starts with the aftermath, then goes back to what happened that day.)

So I ask you, my lovely followers, if this was the beginning of the book, just on it's own, to be followed by a separate chapter 1 that probably takes place before this, would you read it?)

(Please excuse any possible run on sentences, or horrible grammar. It's 11pm, and I'm tired. My body has adjusted to a new schedule that my consciousness has not.)

Oh! And go ahead and give me your personal thoughts on prologues, etc. I'd love to hear them!

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