Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Should Think of a Better Title

Things I should be doing:
  • posting more blog posts
  • reading more books
  • editing the manuscript I wrote over a year ago
  • writing the numerous ideas I've gotten since then
  • reading some blogs I've been neglecting
  • looking for a new job
  • winning the lottery
  • going for a run
  • saving my money
  • not plotting ways to go see X-Men: First Class again
  • researching about a thousand different things
That's been my life right now, in a nutshell, or not so much of a life if you'd prefer.
School is out and summer has begun. Except for those of us who work year-round jobs. Those of us who are lucky to get that week long vacation (which I just put in a request for, so now I have that to look forward to.)

But just because I don't have a three-month stretch of "nothing" doesn't mean I can't set goals for myself. So how about I turn that list around...

Things I will be doing:
  • blogging more regularly
  • making a dent in my To Be Read pile
  • editing the heck out of my manuscript into perfection
  • writing a dozen new things I'm proud of
  • getting myself back into the blogger-sphere
  • find a new job
  • win the lottery (I can dream, right?)
  • lose a few unnecessary pounds
  • raise the balance in my bank account
  • realize that twice is enough, and wait patiently for X-Men to come out on dvd
  • and know everything
(please ignore the exaggerations. That's what makes my list great.)


  1. I like how you turned that list around!! :D

    You saw my big plans on my blog, but all I've done the past 2 days is flail around uselessly and wonder if I'm going to waste all my days off getting nothing done.

    Maybe I should have let myself have a day or two of doing absolutely nothing before trying to do anything ...

  2. Greetings from Southern California

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    Take care and have a nice day :-)