Sunday, July 17, 2011

Auntie B's Book Club Contest

And of course I'm entering, and taking advantage of the opportunity. (Oh yeah, it's here.)

So here's my entry, as specified by the contest rules.


Title: Echo

Genre: YA (suspense)

Pitch: Benjamin couldn't control Olivia's mind. She was the only one he ever met with his power, and the only one who could stop him from hiding the truth behind a deadly accident.

250-Word Excerpt:
Sitting in that hard plastic chair in the principal's office stunned Olivia. It was worse than a bad day, or a bad dream. It was more like a nightmare.

Olivia sat motionless in her seat, her hands folded in her lap. If she could have coiled herself into a ball, she would have. A nervous chill tiptoed its way up and down her spine.

To her left was some girl who had claimed to witness the incident. Legs crossed, her foot shook to some beat that only she could seem to hear. Her gaze never found its way towards Olivia. To her right was Hunter. His eyes were set on the receptionist’s desk, fixed as though he could see through the panel of wood, directly at the secretary who continued to type away at some problem of her own.

Every now and then, Olivia felt his gaze shift, as though he were staring her down through the corner of his eye. She wouldn't blame him. He was the victim's brother.

Olivia did not want to think of Chase as a victim. It made her feel like she hurt Chase on purpose. It made her not want to think at all. As she sat there waiting for her parents though, listening to the ongoing click-clack of a keyboard behind the receptionist’s desk, the unpleasant thoughts pushed their way through, invading Olivia’s mind.

She never wanted to hurt him, Hunter or Chase.

After maybe an hour's wait, and countless people passing through the office doors, Olivia's parents came rushing through.


I made some changes since my appearance on First Impressions, and I'm still open to comments and critiques, and I'm even willing to accept a compliment if you can dig one up. I'm ready for it.

Update: made some changes based on the comments. As they say, an artist's work is never truly complete.

Final Update: This is what I'm submitting. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kind of, Maybe, A Little Obsessed With Books

We all know I love books. We also know how I get a little crazy with them. I keep them on my piano instead of my bookshelf. I spend way more in a bookstore than I would on the internet just because I'm there. I make sure I have the comic book versions of Supernatural Origins. I buy a German-print version of my favorite book. (Yes, I have Eine Wie Alaska, the German translation of John Green's Looking for Alaska.)

But I think it gets even crazier when I buy a second copy of a beloved book only because it's the paperback version, and I only have the hardcover version.

I now own two copies of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Obsessed? Maybe.
In need of an intervention? Quite possibly.
In literary bliss? Definitely.