Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kind of, Maybe, A Little Obsessed With Books

We all know I love books. We also know how I get a little crazy with them. I keep them on my piano instead of my bookshelf. I spend way more in a bookstore than I would on the internet just because I'm there. I make sure I have the comic book versions of Supernatural Origins. I buy a German-print version of my favorite book. (Yes, I have Eine Wie Alaska, the German translation of John Green's Looking for Alaska.)

But I think it gets even crazier when I buy a second copy of a beloved book only because it's the paperback version, and I only have the hardcover version.

I now own two copies of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Obsessed? Maybe.
In need of an intervention? Quite possibly.
In literary bliss? Definitely.


  1. Hi Becca - I have done that myself! I enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Hey Becca! I just gave you a blog award :) Check it out at my blog!