Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forget About It - a book review

So after what felt like an incredibly long time, through a writing contest (in which I made semi-finals, but I didn't win,) and continuous streams of stress and obsession running through my head, I finally finished reading another book.

Forget About It, by Caprice Crane, is a quirky tale of Jordan Landau. She might very well be your average doormat, (and even she won't argue with you on that) and is incredibly unhappy about how her life has turned out. She has a vanity obsessed mother and half-sister, a self-centered boyfriend, and a credit stealing boss. Then one day, she winds up in an accident, and decides to take a mental vacation. In a crazy moment she conjures up the idea to fake a bout of amnesia.

Jordan takes things into her own hands with her fake memory loss, and that seems to work for her, until she winds up in another accident and has to start from square one for real.

Wow. That's the simple response. The idea, I thought, was promising. How could I hate a story about a girl who fakes amnesia, and then gets it for real? I wouldn't say I hated it, but I most likely won't read this book again.

Caprice Crane does a lovely job of building Jordan's world, and even her character. We know who Jordan is from the beginning and the things she has to deal with. Even if some of the characters are a little cliche. My biggest peeve of the book, however, is how wordy it is. Everything is described. Every single event in Jordan's life seemed to make onto the pages of the book. I was honestly bored, but due to the fact that I'm working on an amnesia story, I forced my way through to the end. And that, was quite possibly, a predictable ending at best. I will say that I liked the character Todd, and I think the best parts of the book were the ones in which he was present.

Don't let my review, or skewed opinion, sway you on the book. It wasn't horrible, and I think it's good enough to read at least once.

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