Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here's the New Plan

What I wouldn't give for a vacation. A nice break... a whole week away from work, away from counting money, from not meeting my solution goals... oh wait, I have that coming up. Next week I go on vacation! Seven glorious days away from the bank, all leading up to a concert in Hershey.

(I'll give you three guesses as to who's playing.)

So I've got a week off from work. What do I do? Go to the doctor's appointment I scheduled months ago because I knew I'd finally have a day off, maybe make a trip to the beach, another meeting might take place... Those are technicalities. Or something.

I'm going to read the Harry Potter series. I haven't touched the series in about six or seven years, and I only made it to the middle of book number five.

I'm starting over. I'm reading the whole series. And yes, I was totally sucked into the Harry Potter hype. And no, I did not see the movie.


  1. Enjoy your vaction and Happy Reading!!

  2. Happy vacay and reading :) From your newb follower