Monday, August 29, 2011

Obligatory Irene Post and some Good News

This weekend I was struck by Hurricane Irene. This after my first ever earthquake. What a week!

We didn't have much damage, all things considered it probably could have been worse. I spent Saturday night worried that the half-dead tree next to our driveway would fall, and crush our cars. Then it occurred to me that it was tall enough that it would probably fall through my bedroom. The tree is leaning now, but in a different direction, and it didn't fall.

Of course, another one did. Right in front of the house. This one broke in half randomly last year, but it grew back into health. That is until the other night when it broke in half an fell against my bedroom window.

Our dryer is also broken. A power surge fried the motherboard or something.... so sorry if I appear to be wearing wet clothing in the next week. No power most of Sunday, but that was that. It would have been an opportune time to write, but you know, things never happen as you plan them.

As for the "Good News" I mentioned? I got a new job. I cannot express how happy I am without doing a happy dance, and since I'm sitting here in my pajamas with bed-head, I don't know if I'm prepared to film myself doing that to post it.

But yes, new job. I'll be working at the same company as my dad, which is awesome. This is my last week at my old job, and then I can leave that place behind forever and laugh, and cry of happiness, and laugh some more. I'll feel bad for some of the coworkers I'm leaving behind, but not the rest of the company. Just so you all know, working at a bank anymore... sucks.


  1. Glad to hear you survived Irene AND got a new job! Yes, I think banks must be soulless places these days. Ours was recently swallowed by a larger one, and we've had no end of trouble with them since. Good luck with the new job next week!

  2. I'll bet you it's the same bank I work for. I'm pretty sure it is.

  3. Yikes--so glad you are okay. Congrats on the new job tho--that's great!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  4. I'm glad you weren't too affected by the hurricane! That has to be terribly frightening! We're surround by tornadoes here. :/

    Congrats on the new job! However, I'm sad because I had hopes of finding a job at a bank. Anything but a grocery store!!

  5. I'm glad Irene didn't do any more damage than she did to your home. Yikes! Also, good luck with your new job. That's exciting!

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