Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Procrastinated Once Again

I've been just a tad bit busy with the holidays (as it's the busiest time of the year when working at one of the largest nationwide retailers of the year.) So I'm doing a Road Trip Wednesday a week late.

Where do you buy your books?

That's the question more or less being posed here. Online? In store? Maybe steal them from the local bibliophile?

For me, personally, it's a mixture. (Except the whole theft thing. Although I did lose someone's copy of A Clockwork Orange one and he's convinced I just didn't want to give it back.) It's a mixture of online and in store, and to be perfectly honest, it all depends on where I am, or what mood I'm in.

Let me explain.

Amazon is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It's full link after link to books that I could never imagine existed. Bookstores are just as beautiful, and while they lack the comfort of a sofa and a laptop, they have the fresh smell of coffee and books, and the ability to flip through the pages, and spend hours lost between shelves.

So where do I make my decision? If I'm out, I'll usually find my way towards a bookstore, or the book section of whatever store I'm in. If it's a legitimate bookstore, (Barne's and Noble, and once upon a time Borders) then I will buy something. (This mostly stems from an ongoing paranoia that if I walk into a store, I have to buy something or they'll think I stole something. Don't judge me.) But there's something so great about buying a fresh, clean book. Excited just by seeing the clean text and sharp covers. And the great feeling of knowing I've donated another dollar to the brick and mortar store.

But then I get home, and there's that sick feeling in my gut. It's the one that says "you just spent 15 bucks on that book. You could have gotten that same book for 2 bucks on amazon, with 3 dollar shipping, and saved yourself 10 dollars. What is wrong with you?"

So basically, the way it works for me is -- bookstores are impulse buys, and amazon is more planned out. (But don't think that I don't have plenty of impulsive amazon purchases.)

To add to that, I also utilize And when I was in high school, there was an annual book swap, both of which give me books for free. And who can hate that?

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