Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wonderstruck - A Book Review

If you need an interesting book to read... read Wonderstruck.
If you need an incredibly thick book to read... read Wonderstruck.
If you like to read words, as well as pictures... read Wonderstruck.
If you like the 20's, the 70's and Deaf culture... read Wonderstruck.

Wonderstruck is exactly what I said. Written by Brian Selznick, two stories are told in one. Approximately 150 pages of text tell the story of Ben as he tries to figure out where he belongs. The remaining 460 pages are told in illustration, about a girl named Rose and her mission to figure out where she belongs. The stories skip back and forth, both following their own lines, until all the pieces come together close to the end.

In my opinion, this is really an amazing book. Ben's story was a little tough to get into, but there is a moment that sets the story into action, and caused me to keep turning the page wanting more, only to be met with an illustration and a different story.

Rose's story is just as engaging. It takes place in a world where movies didn't have sound, so it's only fitting that the reader is watching pictures go by, silent, but telling a story none the less.

And of course in both stories, both characters are deaf, and both are at different stages of being deaf.

Don't be turned off by the size of the book, just get it and read it. It is beautiful in so many ways, and it left me, quite literally, wonderstruck.