Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharing our Shelves

What does your bookshelf say about you? That was the question posed by YA Highway, and I decided to answer it with a photo of my own bookshelf.

So you see my problem? There aren't nearly enough books here. I thought for a time, I was running out of room, but alas, there's still room that I can even put all my movies and television shows on the bottom shelf.

But let's be honest, I haven't even gotten to reading half of these. (coughcoughbookmarkinthemiddleofharrypottercough).

And yes, my high school diploma is dividing my books from my movies. (Probably not where it should be.) My book is up there (as a "never to be seen by human eyes" proof copy that is severely outdated. If you can pick it out you win a prize. Not really, but it's fun to pretend.) And there is a book I bought from an internet writer, who doesn't advertise it out of fear, so don't expect to find it on shelves anywhere.

My shelves range from comic books to Sylvia Plath. John Green, J.K. Rowling, Lois Duncan, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. I have a German print edition of Looking for Alaska, and I also have a book about screenwriting. I think YA dominates my shelves. There's a few classics, and a few little gems. And The Book of Awesome. Because it's awesome.

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