Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Goal Wrap Up

I'm still trying to get over The Lock Artist. I just thought I'd let you know that. I've become way too attached the main character. (But we all have those every now and then right? I just finally found mine.)

Anyway, I thought that since Summer comes to an official end at 10:49am this coming Saturday, I should go over the goals I had set for myself this Summer and see where I ended up. (By the way, yes, I am very happy that Fall is beginning... thus the reason I know the exact moment that the season changes.)

Let's recap, shall we?

  1. Blog more
    This... I did not do. Not really. I have five posts in the entire time between setting my goals, and this post. Sure, I didn't slack on my tumblr, but that's all Boondock Saints, Walking Dead, and me being immature. I try to keep a level of quality on this blog, and for that, there is significantly less.
  2. Write... something.
    On some levels this is a success, but on most it's probably a failure. I did manage to write... something. Just not nearly as much as I would have liked. I don't think it would have been out of reach to write one manuscript this summer. Quality would be lacking, yes, but I'd have words that I could at least work with. My results? About a chapter and a half, and a whole lot of self doubt.

    Gee, I sure do sound inspiring right now, don't I?
  3. Ignore any urge to quit Jiu-Jitsu
    Now this one was a success, because I'm still at it. And I'm still getting bruised, and hyper-extending limbs, and pulling muscles. But I'm also getting people trapped in arm bars and choke holds, and being told I'm actually pretty strong and have surprisingly flexible shoulders. (Something to which I attribute four years of marching band, holding a flute parallel to the sidelines, while my shoulders also stay parallel, and my feet face the end zone. Ever try it? Yeah, you'll need flexible shoulders for that one.)
    Anyway, it's fun, and I'm still training.
  4. Finish editing Echo
    I got a few more chapters done, but only because there was a contest I tried entering. Obviously I didn't make the contest.
  5. Try to finish reading Harry Potter
    Well, there's always next time. On the plus side, I did manage to read about two chapters.
So, I think I'm going to try to set goals for the remainder of the year. I might as well add them to the bottom of this post.

  1. NaNoWriMo
    This starts in November. This was the only reason I ever wrote Echo. This is something I need to win again. Just once. For now. It'd be nice.
  2. Finish editing Echo
    Can't hurt to try, after all.
  3. Do some more writing for me
    I know all writing should originally be for me, but I mean the kind that won't be shared with anybody, ever. Guilty pleasure writing. I did this all the time in high school, and I loved some of what I wrote. My only regret is that I lost all of it to the Great Flash Drive Destruction of 2011. (I still can't believe I broke it in half.)
  4. Harry Potter
    Yeah, it's still on the list. But I'm going to be a bit more realistic and say that I want to finish book four by the end of the year.
  5. Get a life.
    Okay, now I just must be kidding myself.

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  1. The Great Flash Drive Destruction of 2011 sounds really terrifying... *makes note to handle flash drives carefully*

    And I think it's funny and for some reason kind of heartwarming that reading HP is on your list of